Btec Philosophers

Comedians Elliot Steel and Michael Odewale love philosophy. However at school you’d have found them both in bottom set, and like most people from bottom set they now have a podcast. Each week they try to navigate being young men by applying theories from philosophy to their lives.Their personal dilemmas, quick wit and Btec education make for a hilarious podcast.

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7 days ago

This episode is an absolute classic. From eurovision to legendary rants. New sections as the Btec boys take on the news and give their philosophical insights into the weeks biggest stories. Full ep over on the patreon

Thursday May 12, 2022

Mike returns from his travels and Elliot shows him a video of another complaint from a comedy show. They talk jealousy, pig urination and Elliot attempts to get murdered by calling out the army.

Thursday May 05, 2022

Mike is away but fear not as Northern Irelands very own Vittorio Angelone steps up as co host with Elliot as they set the world to rights, they talk perspective and Elliot asks Vittorio to explain the troubles. This was one of our best records to date and will most certainly get the podcast cancelled. Enjoy Follow us on social media @btecphilosophers

Wednesday Apr 27, 2022

The boys talk about masculinity and toxic femininity with masculine co producer Vittorio and they are on fire. This Ep is non stop laughs from start to finish as Elliot reveals too much about his life and comes under fire for being the son of a comedian. Mike actually remembers to promote some shows and has some big questions about what are red flags in women? And all the boys treat a sore subject with that Btec decorum we know and love. Follow us on insta and twitter @BtecPhilosophers

Thursday Apr 21, 2022

The Btec boys try to figure out what kind of planet they should leave to the younger generation. And also talk about Elon musk, Inter galactic pedophiles and Elliot's fear of the ocean. Follow us on Insta @Btecphilosophers

Thursday Apr 14, 2022

Elliot is back from galavanting around the alps. And ends up in a cheery conversation about death. While Mike can't work out which two cultural heavyweights who's spirit he wishes to have absorbed. Lots of laugh in this one and even dare I say. Some actual philosophy. Follow us on socials and share plus tag us in any posts. We love hearing from you.

Friday Apr 08, 2022

This week Producer Phoebe becomes an official Btec Philosoper replacing Elliot who’s off snowboarding and not doing cocaine despite Mikes suggestion.Producer Vito is back and the gang discuss the idea of the individual and actually do some philosophy. (reuploaded for Spotify)

Thursday Mar 31, 2022

The boys talk about shame, is shame good for you? Can shame be bad? Spoiler alert they don't figure it out but they are hilarious and probably should feel shame for the things they say in this ep. 

Thursday Mar 24, 2022

The Btec boys discuss is there a good reason to deal drugs and what is the responsibility of the drug dealers and users. Of course neither have ever done any and this is purely for entertainment purposes only. 

Thursday Mar 17, 2022

Producer Phoebe is back, and the Btec Philosophers discuss hate. Is it a valid emotion? Should we all try and hate people less? Does Mike really keep a journal about hating Elliot? Find out on this weeks episode.


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